So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, ”Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” Gen 16: 13

The verse above is the watchword for the year 2023. This verse is fitting for us to begin the year with and go through the year with these words knowing that GOD SEES US AND LOOKS AFTER US.
These were words spoken by Hagar as the Lord finds her in the wilderness running away from her mistress. In all her way she knew that there was somebody watching and looking upon her as she has been on this journey. The journey was not a happy one because she was running away from her mistress who is ill treating her. It looks like as a slave she was running back home because she was found close to the border of Egypt as she was Egyptian.
A number of uncalled for things happened for Hagar to find herself in such a situation. All of them came because of lack of listening to and waiting for God. God is not human to be manipulated by us human being. We have to learn to waiting on God, even when it takes long according to us we have to wait lest we find ourselves in a situation Hagar find herself in.
God promised Sarai and Abram descends. According to them it took long. They took it upon themselves and attempting to do it their own way which landed them in having Abram impregnating an Egyptian servant girl. Harsh conflicts, unhappiness and mistreatments ensued.
Hagar had to elope and having God surprisingly revealing himself to her. Harsh repercussions followed the life of this boy to this day.
Albeit, God sees his people wherever they are, and in every situation they find themselves. God is merciful and gracious; he does not count our iniquities he is quick to forgive. He followed this girl everywhere she went. He took care of her. Remember she is pregnant with an illegitimate child for that matter but God still looks at her with favour. God still loves her. Remember the prodigal son, his Father welcomed him. Remember the woman found in adultery and many more where God came in to forgive.
God sees us and looks after us even when we have sinned against him. He walks with us even when we do not see him, he is coming with us. He only wants us to repent like Hagar did. She had to listen to the advice of the Lord and go back to her mistress and submit to her. That’s how she was forgiven and welcomed afresh in that family. God also forgives us and welcomes us back in his family without any condition. He did this with the man on the cross without taking long he promised the man that he will be with him in paradise today.

Thank you, Lord for seeing, hearing, caring, looking after us and being in this life journey with us! We also believe that you have prepared a home for us through Jesus, your Son, Amen!